Terror accused told to ‘terminate’ people

An Australian member of Islamic State (IS) told a Sydney man accused of terrorism offences they should “terminate five or six people” a month, a court has heard.


Omarjan Azari was on Wednesday refused bail following a fresh charge of conspiring to commit murder and an upgraded charge of doing an act in preparation for a terrorist attack.

He is accused of plotting attacks on a “random unbeliever” with IS member Mohammad Baryalei in a number of phone conversations last year.

“Find someone who can terminate five people for us every month,” Baryalei said to Azari in a transcript read in Sydney’s Central Local Court.

He also told Azari, who is in his early 20s, to make videos of the killings.

“It will make worldwide news, Allah willing,” Baryalei allegedly said.

The court heard Azari, who is in his early 20s, replied “yeah” numerous times during the longest conversation between the pair on September 15.

But his barrister Steve Boland argued translations made it hard to tell whether he was agreeing or if he was using “yeah” as a conversation filler.

He also told the court Azari told Baryalei they should “abandon” the plan for a few months just days before his arrest.

But crown prosecutor Jennifer Single said a newer translation had him saying the plan should be postponed.

She also alleged he was talking about postponing the act until he could escape police surveillance.

“Far from being abandoned it is more Azari taking steps to ensure the terrorist act could go on through to fruition,” she said.

Azari was the only person charged following the biggest terrorism raids in Australian history in September last year.

He also faces three charges of financing terrorism for which he has a Supreme Court bail application in August.

Mr Boland argued the conspiracy charge was doomed to fail because a specific time, place and person had not been identified.

He also said you “can’t just say terrorism and expect bail to be refused”.

Magistrate Les Mabutt said many parts of Azari’s case were unusual but were not exceptional enough to allow his release from a maximum security facility.

His co-accused, 25-year-old Ali Al-Talebi, also had his three charges of supplying funds to a terrorist organisation and one charge of attempting to supply them mentioned on Wednesday.

Both men will return to Central Local Court next month.

Baryalei is believed to have died in the Middle East in October last year.

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