Society needs a digital detox: Zuckerberg

Break-up apps and software that tells you whether you’re right to take a “pee break” at the movies are proof society needs a “digital detox”, Facebook’s former marketing chief says.


Randi Zuckerberg, whose brother Mark created the social media site, says society has become so “plugged in” that we need to address our digital dependence.

Speaking in Brisbane on Wednesday, Zuckerberg told an incredible story about how her son’s friend came over to play and referred to her laptop as “grandpa”.

“His mum said `oh we Skype so much he thinks his grandpa lives inside the computer’,” Ms Zuckerberg said.

“So that’s when I realised `ok our society really needs a digital detox when children think their family members live inside a computer’.”

Ms Zuckerberg said she wasn’t a fan of break-up apps and was bewildered an app had been created to advise people when to take a toilet break at the movies.

“The only function of this app is when you are in a movie theatre and you’re like `oh my good I’ve got to pee, but I don’t want to miss the best scene,” she said.

“You call up this app and it’s like `nope nothing good is going to happen for seven more minutes’.”

Zuckerberg said she felt very passionately about “unplugging to refresh”, one of 10 tech trends she outlined during her keynote presentation at the 2015 Asia Pacific Cities Summit where digital technology in cities has been a focus.

The founder of Zuckerberg Media, who is also an author and recently starred on Broadway, even performed a song she wrote about “unplugging” to the Brisbane crowd to hammer home her point.

Two years older than her brother, she served as Facebook’s marketing director from 2005 until 2011.

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