NSW toddler’s granddad’s bravery praised

A grandfather who narrowly missed being hit by a goods train has been praised for risking his life to save his granddaughter, whose pram had rolled onto railway lines.


Eighteen-month-old Erleen Sabharwal suffered a bruised forehead and skinned knees when she fell off the platform at Wentworthville station in Sydney’s west on Sunday.

She was rescued by her 62-year-old grandfather who was nearly struck by a train after he jumped onto the lines and handed her back to family.

“Definitely, I’m very proud of him that at that age he jumped down to save the baby,” the girl’s uncle Parminder Singh said.

“It could have been worse if my father hadn’t have jumped or if the train was coming at the same time.”

CCTV footage shows the pram rolling away as the family were buying tickets.

The grandfather, who had travelled from India only days before, had to walk along the tracks to the end of the platform after jumping to the toddler’s aid.

The little girl was released from hospital on the afternoon of the incident.

“God was there to help them out, I’ll just say that,” Mr Singh said.

“She’s running around playing in the house and everything is OK.”

Acting Superintendent Daniel Wiggins said the grandfather, who did not want to be named, had been “brave” and “courageous”.

The incident has prompted warnings for parents to be extra cautious with children around railway stations.

Sydney Trains operations director Tony Eid said similar incidents happened on the network two or three times a year.

He said most Sydney stations had platforms that slanted toward the centre but some unrenovated ones, like Wentworthville, still sloped towards the tracks.

“We ask parents and carers with prams that they always maintain a firm grip, apply the brakes and make sure their child is fastened in the seat belt,” he said.

Mr Eid said Wentworthville Station has been earmarked for renovation.

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