Former cop Tasered, sexually assaulted ex

A former Czech police officer tracked down his ex-girlfriend in Sydney, Tasered her, cut off her hair, and sexually assaulted her.


A month later he wrote to her from prison offering her $2000 to drop the charges, a court has heard.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, returned home in June last year to find her ex-boyfriend Pavel Svanda standing outside her block of flats unannounced.

Surprised, as she did not know he was in Australia, the woman agreed to consider showing him around Sydney.

She later ignored his attempts to contact her further.

But two days later, Svanda turned up again.

Thinking it was someone else, the woman buzzed him in and was shocked to find him in her doorway.

Court documents state Svanda grabbed her, placed his hands over her mouth, dragged her to one of the bedrooms and Tasered her in the back.

“She felt pain and electricity going through her body and heard a crackling noise,” facts state.

When she tried to get away, he warned if she didn’t obey him he would hold down the Taser longer so it would finish her off.

He forced her on to the bed, bound her with black tape and gagged her.

Svanda then began hacking away at the woman’s hair with a razor and scissors.

Once this was done, Svanda repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

He left, warning her not to tell anyone about the attack.

He was arrested the next day.

A month later, court documents state the woman received a letter from Svanda in Silverwater prison apologising for what he had done and offering her $2000 to withdraw the charges against him.

The details of Svanda’s crimes can now be revealed after he pleaded guilty in Sydney’s District Court last month to a range of charges, including aggravated sexual assault, take and detain and acting with intent to influence a witness.

Court documents state the 38-year-old was a former police officer from the Czech Republic.

He is set to face sentencing in September.

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